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Lisa is transferred to Walter's lab, where he gives her special drugs to extract Rusk's thoughts from her mind.Instead, Rusk gains control of Lisa's body and demands to know where he is.SFScope contributor Sarah Stegall disliked that the network failed to issue a "disclaimer" about the episode's production date, stating "...maybe the producers assume that all their audiences are brand new to the franchise.Or perhaps, unhappily, it is a sign that Fox has given up on this show, and no longer cares whether its lingering audience is confused." She concluded, "As a standalone episode, this one was of middling interest, and I can see why Fox would have dropped it from the Season One lineup.It's not for any cool reason like we had something we needed in New York that we couldn't shoot elsewhere.

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Walter believes that part of Rusk's consciousness transferred over to Lisa.The series follows a Federal Bureau of Investigation "Fringe Division" team based in Boston.