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As a rule, to be considered a living fossil, the fossil species must be old relative to the time of origin of the extant clade. It has been defined as "short-term (hours or days to kyrs) locally, regionally, or interregionally pervasive changes in the ecological, biogeographical, and/or evolutionary character of biotas that are isochronous or nearly so throughout their range".Bioevents either relate to diversification of a particular fossil group or a reduction, these may equate to speciation events or extinction events, or may only represent migration.

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Both the start and end of the period are marked by major extinction events.

Ions can be created, by either chemical or physical means, via ionization. Theia collided with another planetary-mass object, Gaia (the early Earth) around 4.51 billion years ago.

Shape of the Universe - Photo GN-z11 high-redshift galaxy found in the constellation Ursa Major, and is currently the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the observable universe - 13.4 billion years old. That was when the Moon Formed, the Moon was twice as close then it is now causing 10,000 ft. Age of the Earth is approximately 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years (4.54 × 109 years ± 1%). Oxygen is what makes the sky blue, molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light.

Earth had 1 Continent, mostly desert, no broad leaf trees, no flowers, Earth spun faster, moon was closer.

Pangaea started braking apart about 200 million years ago.The photo above is not to make you feel insignificant, it is only for reference and scale. Depending on your field of view, you would have to be around 100,000 light years away to see this Galaxy using the naked human eye.

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