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The keys are openly out there, and you can apply them to prove its effectiveness. And from history, we know that parchment was always in good demand; it would have been virtually inconceivable for perfectly good parchment to sit unused for decades or centuries waiting for someone to come along and make a forgery on it.Combined with the fact that we have no reason to doubt the history of the book's ownership as given in Marci's letter, we can be pretty confident that the book was written about the same time as the parchment was made.Essentially, the text is so regular, it might be "programmatic" without actually containing any linguistic information.There is a related linguistic conceit (or do I mean concept?Written in "alien" characters, illustrated with sketches, and dating back hundreds of years, the Voynich Manuscript has puzzled cryptographers, historians and bibliophiles for centuries.

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It would be far easier to make something like this - with no inherent meaning - than to extract a definitive meaning from it.I can see somebody making this just for fun; it doesn't have to be a hoax to be meaningless.

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