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24-Aug-2016 19:57

But his greatest indulgence is his home — the most expensive property ever listed in Beverly Hills.For most people, not having to head to work every day is their dream.Warming to his theme, he added: ‘Found a great girl, but she’s afraid of me and my lifestyle and went with a normal person instead.’ Even his old friends back in Sweden don’t have time for him, he moaned.

Almost a year after he sold Minecraft to software giant Microsoft for .5 billion, Markus Persson, 36, has this week posted pathetically plaintive messages online.

He paid in cash and closed the deal, after the vendor threw in several cases of Dom Perignon, in six days.

Three months earlier, Persson had sold his company, Mojang, and its lucrative product — Minecraft — to Microsoft in a deal which personally netted him nearly £1.2 billion.

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He likes to throw the sort of bashes which lure royalty — in 2011, Prince Harry was reported leaving a Persson ‘do’ in Vegas.