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(A time when demons could be cast out, refer Matthew -29.) An angel appears with the key to the bottomless pit. Rev 3:7.) Following this Satan is bound and the warning is announced.This is the prophetic acceptable year of the LORD (typified in Luke ).The second note was an octave F - followed by a series of octave notes in a run up and down quickly..When I woke up I couldn't remember the words to the song, but in the second stanza - in the lyrics line is said SCREAM - and the music was a jumble of notes that everyone sang at once.In the New Testament these are the 7 major divisions of Christianity which exist in the end time! 1) This 1,000 year era is not implied by any other prophecy.Ephesus - 'you have left your first love' Smyrna - 'do not fear ... (NB: The 7th day of creation, unlike the first 6 days, is not described in Genesis as being comprised of an evening and a morning.(Many not having an adequate awareness of biblical 'end time' prophecy have failed to realize the existence of symbolic time periods.) A common symbolic meaning attributed to the 1,000 years is to see it as the period of 2,000 years, the period from Pentecost to the Great Tribulation.

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The second period of the symbolic 1,000 years is the 'little while' of Rev 20:3 (also mentioned in Rev ), ie the duration of the Great Tribulation." These messages are of greater significance than many have realized. fight against them' Thyatira - 'I will kill her children with death' Sardis - 'I will come upon you as a thief' Philadelphia - 'I will also keep you from the hour of trial' Laodiceans - 'I will spew you out of My mouth' The text of the 1,000 year prophecy has caused many to believe there will be a 1,000 year period when Christ and the righteous will rule on this earth.They represent the 7 lamps of the lampstand of the tabernacle of meeting. However, there are a number of factors which suggest this is not the true of this prophecy.I was trying to interpret what these objects were and what they meant. watch' Philadelphia - 'set before you an open door, and no one can shut it' Laodiceans - 'buy from me gold refined in the fire' Ephesus - 'else I will ...

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A voice from behind me said, "I don't know what good that is going to do you! remove your lampstand' Smyrna - 'you will have tribulation ten days' Pergamos - 'else I will ...I really couldn't play that jumble of notes - and I didn't like the screaming either. (I've seen him before in other dreams) He was going to demonstrate something using the telephone.