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NTRO officials allegedly FREELANCING FOR GOOGLE, TATA are helping these companies destroy competition, acquire talent and technology using microwave weapons, memory reading, voice to skull technology,stealing correspondence costing 000 monthly in tax payer money, and then ridicule their torture victim The engineer is confident that less than 100 harmless indian citizens are tortured wasting so much indian tax payer money for more than 6 years and openly challenges the ntro officials, especially in goa , to defend their microwave radiation torture of a harmless indian citizen for corporate goals, in an open debate For more details or if any clarifications are needed send an email to [email protected] extremely powerful google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi officials are making fake claims, kindly note that no indian intelligence or government employee is associated with the website in any, as they are least interested in investing any money online or doing any work.Though there is a separate website only on soaps, this page will provide an overview of the soaps available in the market.There are some women , especially brahmin women like eighth standard pass cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, who are lucky enough to have a flawless complexion due to hereditary factors, they can use almost any kind of soap without affecting their complexion or appearance.There are relatively few soaps for women with extremely oily skin, they have to use face washes for controlling the oil on their face.

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In case false rumours are spread about the ownership of this website please send an email or a video to [email protected] that legal action can be taken to end the confusion permanently.Warning about indian government domain, financial fraud since 2010, as R&AW/CBI are hiring google, tata supplied goan sex workers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and frauds, and falsely claiming that these lazy greedy frauds who do not spend any money, do not invest any money online own the website, domain names of a google competitor who is actually paying for the website expenses, to defame, deny income and opportunities to the google competitor, increase the profit of google, tata In particular, visitors should be warned about the SHAMELESS google, tata sponsored fraud R&AW/CBI employees goan gsb frauds housewife extortionist cbi employee riddhi nayak, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, slim goan obc bhandari SEX expert, CALL GIRL sunaina chodnekar who has SEX with top indian government officials , bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater housewife bbm nayanshree hathwar, GUJJU FRAUD CBI employee eighth standard pass housewife naina, mother of two sons, GUJJU PATEL DOMAIN FRAUDSTER flirt asmita patel with straightened hair, indore housewife veena who looks like actress deepika padukone ,fair deepika, BLACKMAILER RAW employee mba hr ruchika king, architect kalpana natar,indore fraud deepika d.Some extremely powerful Indian intelligence and security agency officials are shameless pathological liars with no self respect,honesty when they abuse their powers to make completely fake claims about domain ownership, so domain investors are forced to warn visitors to prevent further losses, exploitation and defamation, Allegedly bribed by google, tata, shameless section 420 fraud CBI, NTRO officials have been spreading false rumors, these officials do not have the courage or honesty to file a defamation case because they are greater frauds than the nigerian fraudsters Unlike employees, business owners and professionals have to spend a lot of money on expenses, as they do not get anything free, however CBI, NTRO, and other officials refuse to acknowledge the fact and falsely accuse business owners of having black money.In coastal areas like Goa, the temperature is fairly high, throughout the year, so the skin does not become dry.

However during summer, the temperatures are high, and those who have oily skin, sweat a lot and get tanned.

You can also link a non-Gmail email address to an existing Google Account.

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