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In order to anwer this question, Aristotle finds he also has to examine what virtue itself is and all of the various virtues that might make up the best life.

Ingram Bywater (1840–1914) first published his edition of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics in 1890.

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This article gathers and brings together, for the first time in a single study, the different aspects regarding the manuscript tradition, the dating and the authorships of the three translations of Ethica Nicomachea circulating among scholars during the 13th century.

This work of Aristotle, of significant and enduring influence in the field of practical philosophy, eluded not only the prohibitions imposed during this period on other important treatises of the Stagirite, but was also honored by the work of three translators of recognized talent and scholarship: Burgundio of Pisa, Robert Grosseteste and William of Moerbeke.

His reconstruction of the Greek text is based on a careful weighing of the Greek manuscript evidence, Latin translations, the witness of early commentators and his own thorough knowledge of Aristotle's language and style.

Bywater's choice of readings introduced many important alterations to the text given in previous editions; his preference for manuscripts Kb and Lb and for the commentary of Aspasius, represented by Heylbut's edition (1889), explains many of these changes.

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The commentary of Aquinas was a major source for many other commentaries of the late thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries, while his influenced the commentaries written by Parisian arts masters around 1300.

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