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This in turn will make the other woman feel even more humiliated as she thought he didn’t like his wife like that.If she expresses it, he already has his reasoning – 1) she knew he was married, and 2) he never said he was leaving his wife.Greg Hodge, managing director of Beautiful, said: 'Kate Middleton is no typical beauty.'But her style, deportment and immaculate grooming have clearly won her an army of admirers, propelling her to the same heights as Princess Grace and Queen Rania.'I think the world is breathing a sigh of relief that the British monarchy can only get better looking in generations to come.'Mr Hodge added: 'Harry is known to have the cheeky jet-set playboy within him.'That probably resonated with voters, along with the fact that he's still a bachelor.'1. Felipe de Borbon, Crown Prince of Spain 60 per cent 8. The love affair with the married man starts with a man who married for the wrong reasons and thus never truly felt fulfilled in his commitment to the wife.They probably have kids together and that is the only bond they share.

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If the man is not a total ass, he will feel the guilt every time he looks in his wife’s eyes, and he will try to ease the guilt by taking her out on a date, or suggesting a family vacation, etc.

She will surpass even her husband's late mother, Princess Diana.