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Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the UCLA California Center for Population Research colloquium; the NYU Wagner School Research Colloquium; the 2008 conference on Intra- and Inter-Generational Transmission of Inequality LAC-UNDP, Mexico City; and the 2008 annual meeting of the Population Association of America, New Orleans. She has always had at least one as a pet, has fostered many more for rescue shelters, and has worked as a volunteer for her local veterinarian.Whether it is in humans or wild populations, this selective breeding causes the next generation to exhibit more (positive assortative mating) or less (negative assortative mating) of the specific trait involved.Charles Darwin believed that assortative mating was a powerful component of evolution, and it took the Hardy-Weinberg principle to prove him correct.It took more than 50 years, but the scientific community eventually agreed with Darwin's theory on assortative mating. They were able to show that the genetic variation would be unchanged in an animal population if animals mated randomly, and predicted the relative frequency of physical characteristics if random mating was occurring.

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The official term for this practice is 'non-random mating selection', but a more familiar term is 'selective breeding'.Emily is selecting the physical traits that she wants to enhance in the next generation of her cats.