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Many operating systems do not limit filenames to one extension shorter than 4 characters, as was common with some operating systems that supported the File Allocation Table (FAT) file system.

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Doing /zp 1 has no effect in SP at first because it automatically zooms to Tori.I had to do this with Brawl Box and Violent Vodka's Soul Calibur V editor, use the older version because the newer revision wasn't working for me.You can "cut off" some parts of the game client design for better performance (or in oppposite add something you need) by using /option or its contraction /opt.Now click import, and there is your model.(Also tick ignore vertex colors if when imported the model doesnt have a blue and grey checkerboard appearance or is too bright by default as stated above.)All textures that your model uses must be exported in or another program into DDS with mipmaps enabled. For material editing such as metal models, glowing, and Normal Maps if necessary, use other presets and follow guides and references such as these: (Guide Part 1) (Guide Part 2)https://pastebin.com/k3i5b Cfu (About Flags and bytes)After that is done and you have cleaned up and experimented with your model and its materials, now is time to export the . Now, for the actual models in the list on the right, you right click on the "Model 0" listing to then Export the NUD into the same folder with VBN and NUT. If none of this worked out for you, the (Outdated method. SMASH FORGE IS MUCH FASTER, if you truly cannot use it at all thanks to hardware not being capable of running it, send me a PM.)----------Now, do some fixing and whatever you need with the helpful FAQ section below, and you should be able to fix issues you have. "Try adding only the NUD to the folder instead of the NUT, since NUT is prone to bugs sometimes (due to the size of the DDSes, or broken mipmaps, caused by exporting default nuts from forge sometimes.)You may also have "My model is invisible ingame and does not show up. "If this issue occurs, you need to copy c00 from your character and paste it anywhere you want.

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To do this you must open up the textures for your import in or your preferred photo editing program, and save them as DTX5 and in the DDS format with generated mipmaps enabled (and set to Fant/Super Sampling). At the top of forge, there should be "Textures." Click this Import the dds, then you should have your texture preview and a Hash ID.)Now, you should copy the Hash ID underlined in the picture above, and close the nut editor window. You're going to have to find a tut on your own now. --------------------------------------------------------------------------"Game crashes while loading/infinite load screen. Now export your model as a NUD inside of that copy of c00, along with your nut.

Remember that after every command you enter you have to type if you're enabling the choosen setting (1) or disabling it (0). Actually, I've tested it on 4 versions (3.69, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.9beta-8) and there was no visible effect.